Bray Bowling News - March 4th 2024


All 3 Bray teams secured their medals on Sat. Bray A duly confirmed their place as Div 1 winners and overall Winter League Champions..(not an official title, but I think they deserve it)..with a routine win over Westmanstown at Fáilte Park. Never in doubt here..even Wally was impressed! Also at Fáilte Park, Bray C completed their programme with a close win over Crumlin in Div 5…runner-up spot already secured so Bray could be forgiven for taking the foot off the pedal. Pride of place goes to Bray B, who travelled to take on CYM at Leinster, knowing winner would take runner-up spot…came away with impressive 5 points…mission accomplished! An outstanding performance by Sat squads…well done!


Quiet week for our Vets. A and B were resting but Bray C had important business to attend to at Dun Laoghaire. This was a winner takes all fixture as runner up in Div 4 was the prize for the winner. Bray, duly delivered the 3 points,and runner up spot to winners Greenhills…Bray looked comfortable for overall from the start, but DL fought to the end. Well done to Captain Dave and his squad. Next week would have seen two back matches played to complete Vets programme..but both A and B got walkovers from Crumlin…saves on petrol, I suppose! That completes the Vets Winter League programme and what a successful programme it has been…3 teams entered.. winner, runner-up and third place…Well done to all concerned.

Philip Bredin, Bray Bowling Club.

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