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Bray Bowling Club is open for play but only to members. From Monday, 10th of May, pairs or singles roll-ups can take place on Rinks 2,4 and 6, seven days a week. Singles games can also use Rink 1. Matches will last for a maximum of 90 minutes. Time slots are 10am, 12, 2, 4 and 6, except Mondays or Fridays when no play is permitted before 2pm to allow for green maintenance. Rink booking sheets are available in the hut adjacent to the green. Detailed guidelines for play can be found here.

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12/6/21: Roddy O'Leary's Image Archive

Our BLI rep, Roddy O'Leary, was quite active on the camera down through the years and the best of his photos are now on our website. Quite a bit of help was needed to put names to the faces with Fran Neilson being outstanding in this regard. She was ably assisted by Roddy & Pam O'Leary, Phyllis Brett, Eddie O'Sullivan and Richard Neilson. Patrick Brosnan handled the technological side of things. Thanks to all for their efforts. Roddy's images can be found here.

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Getting Started

Club welcome sign.

The club is open all year round with our all-weather green and new members are very welcome.

We cater for beginners or more experienced bowlers. People of all ages and abilities are welcome. Lawn bowls can be a team or singles sport and is a great way of enjoying the company of others. It is a competitive sport, most of our members played other sports such as soccer, gaelic football, hurling, tennis, golf etc before taking up bowls. They are aged from their late teens to late eighties. Bowls is a sport for all people - the club has both Ladies' and Men's Sections. To get started phone Frank on 086 353 4673 or Bernedette on 086 384 2709.

Want to see kids learning bowls? Watch this Irish Federation video.

Want quick coaching lessons? Try these videos.

The club is committed to equality of opportunity in all our practices, policies and procedures.

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