Welcome to Bray Bowling Club. Your sponsors should help you settle into club life but, to supplement their efforts, we have produced this web page which you might find helpful.

New Bowlers

For those of you who have never bowled before, your sponsor should arrange for you to have at least three coaching sessions and a session on the etiquette of the game. Once you have learned the basics, and you and the coach are confident of your ability, you can take your first steps into bowls club life.

First Steps

As a Full Member you can practise or play social bowls on any morning, afternoon or evening, providing there is no inter-club match on. All you have to do is get a jack and a mat and find a spare rink. It is normal protocol to invite people playing on their own to join you (although they may not always do so if they are practising seriously).

The Next Stage (Friendly Games)

It is hoped that once you gain a little confidence you will want to play more competitively. We all play to win of course but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t. Friendly matches (2 euro a head) involving both sexes (‘mixed’) are normally played on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10 or 11, be there half an hour beforehand. At the beginning of the summer season (April to September), you will be able to obtain the Club Fixtures listing all the matches and venues for the year, allowing you to plan ahead (available now on the web).

Slightly More Serious (Competitive) Games

The men’s teams currently compete in Divisions 1 & 2 (Saturday afternoons), Division 4 (Monday evenings) and all three Veterans (Vets) divisions (Thursday mornings). Division 4 is used by the club to introduce beginners to competitive bowling. Our ladies team competes in Division 1 (Wednesday afternoons). In the winter league we have three mixed teams playing Saturday mornings on our all-weather surface.

In-House Club Competitions

The club hold Singles, Pairs, Triples & Fours competitions for those who want to take part and bowlers of all levels are encouraged to participate. Playing against better players is a good way of improving your game. Competition entry forms will be made available with an entry closing date and shortly thereafter the draw will be posted on the notice board.

National Competitions

In the same way, you can enter national competitions (Singles, Pairs, Trips and Fours). The Bowling League of Ireland (BLI) organises these for men whilst the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland (LBLI) caters for women.

Dress Code

Proper bowls shoes - those with a completely flat bottom - must be worn at all times on the green. You will see that we do have a club uniform of both men’s and ladies shirts, jackets and waterproof jackets which are worn for matches. Also note that trousers should be white or cream. For friendly games or evening matches (including Division 4 and 5, and veterans) anything goes and usually does (except for the flat bottomed shoes)!

The Social Side

The Club also has a strong social element. Events are arranged throughout the year with bar facilities available. Dress code in the clubhouse is casual.

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